Twitter For Business

Social media and business. Some feel that these two words appear on either sides of the spectrum that is “business vs pleasure”. However, if you ever feared of aliens taking over the world, it’s too late. The world has been dominated by that extra-terrestrial known only as social media. And if you’re not willing to relent, I’m sure there’s a nuclear-warfare shelter somewhere out there for you to continue your days in. But now, with the expansion of fibre internet, you’ll probably have great Wi-Fi service. Double-edged sword.


Much like Facebook, Twitter for business has boomed in the past few years, even though there is a 700 million discrepancy between the two platforms in terms of users. The thing about Twitter for business is that when done right, the results are awesome; you just have to find that winning formula. So without further ado, here’s your Twitter for business infographic. Ta-da!

Twitter Infographic

Infographic designed by Caz McKay

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