Living The Dream

This year, although we’ve just passed the halfway mark, has been the biggest adventure. I’ve made some massive changes in my life, which have fundamentally changed the way in which I do and think about everything. Yes, “everything” is a hugely bold word to use – but it’s the only one that works.

As an illustrator I’ve struggled for a long time with finding my style, my voice, that powerful thing I have to say that will get other peoples hearts moving. I look at other artists work with a cumbersome eye, trying to find out just how they do what they do.

I know that I’m not quite there yet, by any means. But, I’m willing to investigate every nook and cranny of myself and say “this is what I am and what I care about, no apologies.” It’s all a part of growing up.

With all of the above in mind recognising that the hardest part is not realising where I want to be but rather getting there. Starting from scratch, being better than I was yesterday, trying new things, enjoying it and never forgetting the buzz that it gives me.

That all starts with an attempt at trying something completely new.

Have a look.

Living The Dream_Final-01

Written by Megan Elliot – Co-Owner

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