We’ll Say It Once. We’ll Say It Twice. Field-trips.

You’re never too old for a field-trip, especially a work field-trip (and yes, I damn well will refer to them as field-trips from here on out). Work field-trips are the bees’ dungarees.

CreativeMornings is a free last-Friday-of-the-month shindig for creative types or for anyone wanting to escape the humdrum of corporate life for a couple of hours on a Friday morning. Ugh, corporate life. The concept came into fruition seven years ago in, where else, New York City when Swissmiss founder and CEO, Tina Roth Eisenberg saw the need for TED-like talks that targeted the creative industry and other likeminded individuals. Since then CreativeMornings has exploded, now taking place on every continent, bringing accessible inspiration to the masses.


Featuring in 120 cities across the globe, the lecture series revolves around monthly themes, which hosts are then given creative license to come up with local “chapters” for that month’s talk in their city and to find speakers that will get creative juices flowing. The icing on top: free coffee and free food. Free coffee. Free food. Free. Basically it goes like this: a free talk with free refreshments for freethinking individuals.

How could your boss say no to that? For guaranteed employer-compliance, emphasise the word “field-trip” really slowly. It’s sure to evoke feelings reminiscent of his/her childhood. Boom. Work field-trip in your back pocket. So do yourself a favour and become a morning person. And let me reiterate one last time: it’s free *virtual double thumbs up*

Written by Lorian Clare – Social media manager

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