Whistle While You Work

A short while ago we were approached with the task of redesigning the menu for Croft&Co, a popular coffee shop situated in Parkview, Johannesburg.

Now, you would have seen us share a few blog posts on work done for this particular client, but this project was a whole new ball game. As a designer, you’re always aware of a timeframe around a project, don’t ever underestimate this or the processes involved. I’ve often been so excited to work on an awesome project that all I want to do is “get it done!” – these things already take time, which only means that they take much longer to get right. Respect that.

A project like this includes a number of different processes and aspects – research, sourcing, measurements, samples, paper stock, illustrating, finding the right typeface, printing, more samples, edits and final production… in summary.

To anyone else, I’m sure that sounds like a lot of admin and work, but to a designer who loves her job – it’s heaven.

In the end, although I had to manage my time, expectations and physically stop myself from rushing the project, I think that we got it right – which is the end goal in all cases.

Have a look. Croft&Co Layouts-05 Croft&Co Layouts-16 Croft&Co Layouts-17 Croft&Co Layouts-15 Croft&Co Layouts-06 Croft&Co Layouts-07 Croft&Co Layouts-09 Croft&Co Layouts-10 Croft&Co Layouts-11 Croft&Co Layouts-13 Croft&Co Layouts-14   Written by Megan Elliot – Co-Owner

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