A Day In the Life of an Honest, People Pleasing, 26 Year Old Workaholic

6:00am – Wake up. No – Snooze.

6:20am – Wake up. NOW.

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6:30 – Shower

6:57am – BLEGH. Boo you, cold weather.

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7:00am – Put a face on (AKA make up).

7:19am – Feed the rat babies, make sure they have water and leave for the office.

7:33am – Turn on your computer, and let it start up from the dark ages while you organise your life.

7:34am – Turn the heaters on for everyone.

7:36 – Coffeeee.

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7:45am – Begin daily email answering jam session. Todays mood = http://8tracks.com/soul-sangeet/electro-swing

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9:00am – Is everyone smiling? Yes, sweet. Get back to work.

10:00am – Briefings

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10:30am – Throw around subtle employee encouragement.

10:45 – Take this moment to enjoy ticking tasks off of your To-Do list.

10:50am – More emails

10:53am – Put those on hold, time for a phone-call

11:00am – Send urgent reverts to clients.

11:15am – Leave for 12 o’clock meeting.

12:15pm – Fuck fuck fuck traffic.

1:25pm – Belt out Blink-182 jams all the way back to the office. Sing louder when people stare – smile when people smile.

1:57pm – Laugh with David the car guard about who (and why) someone keyed your car.

2:00pm – Feed yourself and laugh with Jen, Nick and Rodney about some of the stupid (sorry, but it’s true) people we’ve had to deal with recently.

2:20pm – Write a list of absolute MUST DO’s. Right now. Or die.

2:26pm – Invoice. Quote. Pay me now. Thank you for paying me.

3:15pm – Check in and make sure everyone is on track.

3:40pm – Last bit of the emails and admin. YOU CAN DO IT!

3:54pm – WEEE! Corona and work time.

5:00pm – BYE EVERYONE! (Cry a little bit on the inside because you’re going to be working for a while longer).

5:15pm – Switch projects.

7:00pm – Last emails.

7:15pm – To do lists for Monday

Photo 2016-06-15, 6 05 59 PM

7:35pm – Finish lists after realising that you may have a list problem (and a problem with referring to yourself in the third person).

7:47pm – Call the boyfriend to let him know you’re alive and on your way home. Bitch and laugh about life not being that bad.

8:12pm – Take your bra off (YEEEES. MAGIC).

8:25pm – Put washing on.

8:32pm – Congratulate Jen on the smells coming from the kitchen and check on the rat babies.

8:50 – Eat. Laugh. Discuss starting a podcast because the two of you are bloody hilarious.

9:00pm – Switch washing over.

9:15pm – Get in to bed.

9:35pm – Share memes with Jen and listen to each other laughing through the walls.

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10:00pm – Say goodnight. Set alarms. Repeat.

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