Something Old, Something New

In the modern age, people constantly find themselves torn between two worlds: do they roll with the times and immerse themselves fully into the digital era, or do they hold on to traditions?

This is a decision that more and more illustrators have to face within their careers. However, there is a silver lining for pretty much everything (hallelujah). Over the past decade, illustrators have found themselves throwing caution to the wind and saying “screw it”. In this day and age, illustrators have become serious bad-asses; we’ve decided that we don’t have to choose.

However, we are living in a time where technology is rapidly developing; where the digital age is at its peak. It seems almost silly to think that this generation has a feint interest in anything that isn’t digital. Oh hey, silver lining, you sneaky bastard! Yup, let’s thank our lucky stars that there are some things that appreciate the divine combination of the old AND the new. This is seen in various elements such as music (CD and vinyl) and fashion (vintage Nike Airmax and the new Yeezy), and surprisingly is seen in the illustration world too. Why is this such a surprise you ask? As with any other skill or object that develops along with the digital age, the old and more traditional processes tend to fade away with time; slowly being replaced with newer, quicker versions. With illustration, the means of which the illustrations are completed keep up with the digital era, but at the same time the appreciation of the simple pen-to-paper process is still very much alive. For example, we finish our illustration in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but this doesn’t hinder our passion for run-of-the-mill hand drawn illustrations. Illustration allows for traditional and digital forms to co-exist, making it a place of perfect balance and 100% awesomeness.

The illustration world is made up of different styles; ripe for the picking. Illustration is based on discovery and exploration; it allows us to put all of our favourite styles into one big basket and use them whenever and however we wish. Illustration is the shit. Drops mic.

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Written by Jo Abendanon – Graphic Designer

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