That’s what She Said.

If you’re into candied bacon and crazy cool photos of Johannesburg, then you’ll definitely be into Anna-Belle Mulder. Meet the amazingly talented brain behind She Said: our absolute favourite local blog for lifestyle and general Jozi-inspired awesomeness. Last week we chatted to Anna-Belle about the intricacies of Instagram, what it’s like working two jobs, and why everyone’s hair should be purple.

Ok, first off: how did the magical universe of She Said come into existence?

I started blogging about five years ago, but never really took it seriously. One day, about two years ago, I heard The Beatles song She Said She Said and thought, “Hey, I should start a blog called that.”

How do you manage to balance a full-time job with attending events, rocking the social media world and running your gorgeous website?

It’s really hard. REALLY hard. I have to treat my blog like a job, which means coming home from a long day at work and sitting down to work for another three hours. Weekends are also jam-packed with events and creating content. It’s hard, but I love it – where else do I get to be as creative as I want and make my own decisions about the work I produce?


Your Instagram feed is awesome, to say the least. What are your top tips for taking pictures worth sharing?

  1. People use Facebook to see people and Instagram to see pictures. Think about each image before posting it… only the best pictures should make it onto your feed.
  2. Try to plan your shots; don’t be afraid to position people or objects in your picture to make it the best possible picture it can be.
  3. Post at least once a day, but no more than four times.
  4. Download Vsco and Snapseed to edit your pictures, it will change your life.
  5. Good light is everything. Don’t upload blurry/dark pictures.
  6. Be yourself; Instagram is a great way to express who you are… so do it!

Besides Instagram, what are some of your favourite social media platforms and how have they helped build your business?

Facebook is still a big driver of traffic towards my blog; I think it’s mostly because it’s easy to click through to links, whereas on Instagram it’s a bit harder. I’ve recently been paying a little more attention to Vimeo and trying my hand at creating short videos, which has been a great success. If you are a blogger I would suggest trying it out.

Where do you see the She Said brand heading in the next year or two?

There are definitely some surprises in store… just between me and you, there may or may not be a new blog launching soon with the help of Angie from It’s been great working with her and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.


We’ve noticed that you kinda love Jozi. What is it about your hometown that inspires your social brand?

Kinda? Kinda! I flipping love it. Every little thing about Joburg inspires me. It’s new, it’s not quite sure what it is yet and it’s flipping weird. I feel like there is so much opportunity for creatives in Joburg; we have the unique task of defining what a city is going to be like. How awesome is that?

Lastly, and most importantly, why is your hair so cool?

My boyfriend Craig constantly has to keep up with my ever-changing hair colour – much to his despair – so I think he would disagree with you on this one. Seriously though, I just don’t feel like myself with ‘normal’ hair; it’s so much fun to change it constantly. To be honest, it’s become such a part of me that I barely notice it anymore. Isn’t everyone’s hair purple?


So there you have it, guys. Now it’s time to go catch up on all the hip stuff happening in Joburg on

(And while you’re at it, follow @shesaidsa on Instagram for some of the prettiest photos you’ll ever see). Anna-Belle also offers guided walking tours through the city, which you NEED to do at least a million times – so go get in touch with her before she remembers that she’s the hardest working person on the planet and actually has no time for such things. We’ll meet you at the next one…

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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