Ain’t no party like a moustache party.

So, the month is nearly over and your moustache game is strong. You’re familiar with terms like “the walrus” and “moustache snood,” and in just a few weeks you’ve been transformed from a rather average Joe into a swashbuckling, gun-slinging, truck-driving casanova: all thanks to the small beast on your upper lip. But what does this mean? Founded in 2003 to raise funds for men’s health, Movember is a month dedicated to growing a sponsored moustache. It quickly became a highly anticipated annual event, which has led to a surge of advertising campaigns behind the cause.

Thus, in celebration of every handlebar, horseshoe and walrus (figured out what that is yet?) we’ve rounded up a selection of some of our favourite pieces of Movember advertising. Read on, mo bros.

1. How to Grow a Moustache With Nick Offerman

Let’s be serious, no one rocks a moustache like Ron Swanson – which is why the “Road to a Better Moustache” couldn’t have been narrated by a better man. It’s the how-to video we’ve all been waiting for.


2. The Movember Song by Derek Watts & The Sunday Blues

Guest appearance by Michael Mol? Check. Super catchy “Call Me Maybe” tune? Check. All-around awesome piece of South African work that went internationally viral? Check it out for yourself here.

movember song

3. Chris Hadfield’s Educational Movember Video

Now this weirdly wonderful ad is a bit of an inside joke, but it’s a good one. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield entertained the world with his educational videos from the International Space Station, then returned to earth to do the same for Movember. He may have another career waiting for him if the whole astronaut thing doesn’t work out…


4. Moustaches Make a Difference

It’s not just funny videos that dominate the Movember awareness scene. This brilliant print campaign from TBWA Singapore is one of our all time favourites – simple, clever and beautifully executed. Click here to see all the moustaches that make a difference.



5. The Best a Mo Can Get Barbershop

A barbershop that offers free ‘tache touch ups 7 days a week? Complete with complimentary drinks, vintage games in the lobby and whiskey tastings? Yes, Gillette, you win for the best “non-advert” Movember campaign. Read all about it here.


There you have it, gents: we salute every one of you and your furry lip sweaters. Let’s raise a glass (of something bitter and manly) to the creative advertising that gives you the chance to grow one for a good cause. Go forth and conquer.

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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