South African and proud of it.

It’s Heritage Month in South Africa, so while everyone’s busy cleaning their braais and stocking up on beer, we’re reflecting on what it means to be young creatives working in this country. (In between cleaning our braai and drinking all the beer, obviously).

Here are our top 7 reasons why living in South Africa continuously inspires our work.

1. They don’t call us the Rainbow Nation for nothing

On a scale of 1 to CMYK, how colourful is your portfolio? Whilst we admire the crisp, black-and-white starkness of Scandinavian design, there’s something about the energetic colours of South Africa that touches us deep, man.

2. Our weather is epic

This is not a joke. Working in a pleasant climate makes people happy, and when people are happy, the stuff they produce is more awesome. That’s just science.

3. We’ve got culture for dayyyys

When you live in a country that’s home to as many diverse groups of people as ours, your work will always appeal to someone. That’s just statistics.

4. We have a city that all the other cities are jealous of

This year, Cape Town was named the Design Capital of the World. Of the WORLD! Walking around her streets is like a sugar high for the creative senses, and if you haven’t been keeping track of all the amazingness taking place, click here.

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5. We can laugh at ourselves As a country, we’ve been through a lot. But there’s something about tough times that brings out a sense of humour in people – and we love what this has done for our advertising industry. (We’re looking at you, Nando’s).

6. Our design has purpose  When you’re surrounded by as many social issues as South African creatives are, “design for the sake of design” isn’t usually part of the brief. Our imagination is driven by the need to solve problems, which is why incredible work like this or this exists.

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7.  We’re still playing catch up

South Africa is behind the rest of the developed world. However, we choose to see this in a positive light; because it means that some of our very favourite things – social media branding, for one – are still fresh and relatively unexplored. (Although we’re changing that…)

What do you love about working in SA? Let us know what you’d add to the list! Now everyone go get a beer and some boerie. 

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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