Alessio La Ruffa is our spirit animal.

There are very few people that we are truly envious of. Like, kill-them-and-wear-their-skin envious. Alessio La Ruffa, the brilliant mind behind the lens of Just A Geek Doing, is one of those people – and not just because he is an incredible Instagrammer and self-proclaimed nerd.

Last week, we chatted to the Geek himself about improving a brand’s presence on social media, networking successfully as an introvert and building a flexible business. And because we’re actually really nice people with only the mildest serial killer tendencies, we’re going to share his fountain of wisdom with you guys today.

Ok, let’s hear the magical story of how Just a Geek came to be.

Nothing magical really. I wanted to share my knowledge regarding mobile photography, tech, fashion and culture. I’m an Instagrammer at heart, so I created an account and told my story the way I knew how: visually.

So you’ve turned your passion into your day job. What have you learnt along the way?

Firstly, your idea of what your business is will keep evolving. For example, I started out with the idea of helping small to medium businesses with social media. While it still is a very small part of my business, my focus currently lies on live content creation. Secondly, networking is crucial. I’m an introvert and it isn’t really easy for me. The reality is, you need to meet people. And not just any people. People that are looking for the kind of value you can add. Or people who know those people.


There’s no shame in asking for help. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task.”

Your Instagram feed is truly epic. Do you have any tips for brands looking to improve their presence on this platform?

Thank you! It’s my secondary account, yet there’s a whole lot more attention to detail. It’s the Instagram account I’ve always wanted. My number one tip would be to take visually striking photos. It doesn’t have to be complex, it can be dead simple. You’re competing for attention on a strictly visual platform. Stand out. Also, make your Instagram content exclusive to your customers on the platform. And please don’t post more than once every three hours. Bonus tip: Use a web app called Iconosquare to measure your Instagram efforts. You can also see when most of your audience are online, allowing you to optimise your posting schedule. Alessio-01

“Social media IS my business. It doesn’t hurt being a half decent Instagrammer either.”

And now for the most important question. What’s YOUR spirit animal and why?

My spirit animal is the cat. I’m patient, quiet, and I like to be by myself. I’m also quite curious about certain things and enjoy learning about them.

So there you have it: Alessio La Ruffa is the coolest geek you’ll ever meet. If you want to do life like he does, follow @justageekdoing on Instagram and prepare to feel feelings. (Of jealousy). He should probably sleep with one eye open.

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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