So, it’s January again?

It’s difficult to believe that we’re back here again – we’re both happy and sad to see your face, January.

Last year was one for the books! We learned many things, taught a few lessons, fell and got back up again – and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Through it all we had great clients making it worth while, and we couldn’t end the year without saying a small thank you. We had to make this one special…

After much thought, we decided to take the idea of a “personalised” gift that much further. “Let’s home brew berry cider and brand it according to our clients deepest darkest secrets!” From there, we ran with it. We wrote up a small questionnaire, with a few questions along the lines of:

“What is their most secretly embarrassing story?
Nothing too hectic, please! But something awkies that the general population wouldn’t know about them…”

Sent these questionnaires off to their nearest and dearest and waited for them to spill the “top secret” beans – which happened A LOT faster than we could ever have anticipated. Once we’d received all of the necessary “dirt”, we got our copywriter to work her magic.

Jenny then came up with cider names, descriptions and seasons greetings along the information that was sent in the answers to the questionnaire.

Here’s how it turned out:

Christmas Gifts-05The Fat Tomato Lemonade Cordial – Craig Rodney – Cerebra

Christmas Gifts-01The Krispie Treat Craft Berry Cider – Anna-Belle Mulder – Cerebra

Christmas Gifts-06The Happy Pea Craft Berry Cider – Chanel Cartel – Cerebra

Christmas Gifts-04The Wandering Vespa Craft Berry Cider – Brent Spilkin – Growing Pains Business Coaching

Christmas Gifts-07The Cosy Hat Craft Berry Cider – Stacey Vee – Content Candy

Christmas Gifts-08The Wild Gypsy Craft Berry Cider – Meg Pascoe – The Counter

Christmas Gifts-03

The Feisty Spider Craft Berry Cider – David Alves – Network BBDO



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