Lorian Clare on “The Pecking Order”

Meet our shiny, happy Intern Lorian Clare! She’s been with us for two weeks now, but because interns can be unpredictable and because she’s a bit of a shady character, we decided that we should wait two weeks before introducing her as a part of the team – just in case she ended up being really crazy and running away with all of our money.

Just kidding, she’s cool – and here’s what she had to say about You&Me, us and herself.


So, first thing’s first, how have you found your first two weeks as the tea slave at You&Me? Don’t spare us the details.

Haha, love the blog post title by the way. It’s been awesome. Not at all what I expected. I’ve always been a little intimidated by the nine-to-five grind but You & Me is definitely NOT your typical working environment. Every day is something new at You & Me. It’s all very exciting. I come into the office every morning wondering if I’ll be coaxed into tequila shots or serenaded by one of Meg’s suitors or witness to Jen’s rage at the Vuma people. My office/intern solitary confinement also has the best view in the entire building so I can’t complain. If your internship doesn’t include free frappuccino’s and sushi, club-grade volume music and the only men in the office spontaneously cleaning your office on a Tuesday afternoon, you’re clearly doing it wrong.

We’re not about to deny the fact that we can be a bit crazy at You&Me! What took a bit of getting used to at the offices?

Mandatory tequila shots. Getting sworn at by Meg every time I try to leave at the end of the day. You know, the usual ‘first grown-up job’ adjustments. But in all seriousness, fitting in and adjusting has been relatively effortless. Ironically, I think the biggest shock has been how contrary this job is to all my “boring” corporate world expectations. And how much I enjoy coming to work every morning. Who am I and what have you done with me?

We have to ask some sort of serious question – what have you learnt about the big, bad world of social media?

It’s not as easy as it looks. People think all you do is update a status here, post a tweet over there, throw in a witty hashtag and upload a funny meme. Which is obviously part of it but try doing all of that on a daily basis for multiple accounts with varying audiences. It’s like looking after a brood of digital toddlers: making sure you give equal attention to all of them, providing for every request (or demand) and not favouring any one over the others even though, secretly, you do love the one a little bit more. The copywriting is probably the most stressful part of the job. Especially when you’re expected to come up with forty variations of a single sentence. And don’t even get me started on the character limit! The tequila helps though.

Now is your chance for a bit of self-promotion, tell us more about your personal use of social media. We heart your Instagram page.

Aw, thanks! I’m very, very dedicated to my Instagram account to the ridiculous point that I will go on a deleting rampage if pictures don’t “match”. I’m all about the aesthetic. Anyway, I have a fashion and lifestyle blog called Here Is Better (which I haven’t been very active on in the past few months *oops*), and even though I had Facebook and Instagram accounts previously, I definitely got more interested in social media because of the blog. So now I’m a social media account hoarder. But because of the nature of my blog I use Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest quite a lot.


What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Ooh, that’s a toughie. It’s definitely a toss up between Instagram and Twitter. I’m more of a visual person so I like Instagram for that reason but I also think I’m hysterically funny so I’m constantly on Twitter relaying my witty quips to an undeserving audience. I may also have a slight Pinterest addiction. #CryForHelp

So, there it is – all from our awesome tea makers mouth! We think, judging from the above and because she laughs at all of our lame jokes, that she can stay.

Love, You&Me

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