April Fools’ Day – As Told by the Internet

When April Fools’ rolls around, our office becomes a battlefield. But then again, we never did need an excuse to prank our unfortunate male counterparts in the office. Shame. Trust no one.

However, when that fateful day comes around, everyone is on high alert. Especially on the web and social media. We’ve collected some of the top pranks from around the World Wide Web, from the most ridiculous selfie stick variations to clip-on man buns.

1. “Selfie” seemed to be the word of the day with several pranks making the whole selfie stick trend that tiny bit more annoying. (selfie shoes, dog selfie stick, Twitter’s “twelfie” stick, Motorola’s hand-crafted wooden and leather selfie sticks and the Honda Selfie Edition Car)


2. Google decided to launch com.google, a mirrored image version of itself.


3. Amazon went all retrograde on us and turned their homepage to its 1999 former glory.


4. ASOS was set to launch their clip-on Man Bun.


And of course it wouldn’t be a real April Fool’s Day without the release of a new, less than savoury, flavoured beer.


S0 What did you get up to on 01.04.2015?

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