An Illustration A Day Keeps The Demons Away

When life gets rough we all need an outlet. Some of us turn to music, some of us turn to exercise, but some lucky few of us get to turn to illustration.


Illustration empowers the imagination; it drives your creativity and transports you to a place of almost hypnotic concentration. Many creatives have abstract and completely unique imagery swimming through their heads, and to be able to turn these images into something tangible is pretty damn exciting. To keep this skill alive you must go by the saying that “practice makes perfect”. Illustrating as much as possible not only betters your talent, it also allows for untapped creative potential. This, in my mind, is one of life’s greatest achievements. There are many illustrators that practice this and their work can only be described by the two most descriptive words I know: Holy Shit.


Jasper Smith, a Sydney based illustrator uses the stippling technique to convey his imagination. His work explores the art of juxtaposition; the marriage between the living and the dead, and he focuses on fascination with the body.



Dario Anza. That is all.





Dario’s work inspires me, as well as aspects surrounding me that trigger my fascination. Fascination and inspiration go hand in hand. I tend to be inspired by things that fascinate me, mysterious things that go beyond our knowledge: Things like nature, astronomy and philosophy. To untap your creative potential you have to have an inquisitive mind, but it’s how your imagination processes this that makes for really great subject matter. As you can see, my mind likes to morph all my fascinations into one strange mess.


Practicing illustration always benefits those involved – benefits that only come from putting pen to paper. Not only does drawing and illustrating make you feel good, it has the ability to deter you from any problems in the world, even if it’s just for a second. So why not practice everyday?


Written by: Jo Abendanon – Graphic Designer

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