A Female Affair

As an all-female female-owned agency, female empowerment is kind of a big thing. Here is a list of our favourite gender equality themed Instagram accounts.


Bumble is pretty damn awesome if you ask us. A dating app that is female driven? We likey. Developed by Whitney Wolfe, the app puts women in the driver’s seat as far as initiating conversation goes. And their Instagram account is just as inspirational.

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T-Shirts For Change Africa

Bringing things a little closer to home, T-Shirts For Change is a rad initiative that donates R100 of every item sold to charity. Being a gender equality proud brand, their products are not only suited to fearless females but “girl power!” nonetheless.

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Women’s March

If you choose a no nonsense approach to gender equality, Women’s March is for you. Relevant updates of what is going on in the world and calls to action, this account not only focuses on female empowerment but human empowerment on the whole. (And we’re a big fan of their stance on the Trump administration.)

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Future Females

Another SA account giving us all the feels, Future Females defines itself as a “movement”. And that’s something we can definitely get behind. With hysterical memes and the odd underhanded quip, this account gets the thumbs up (or big red heart from us).

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Ladies, Wine & Design CPT

Last, but never least, we have the Cape Town instalment of the Ladies, Wine & Design talks that have spread across 200 countries worldwide. These talks bring all the single* ladies in the creative industry together to chat, drink, laugh and be fabulous. And their Instagram account reflects just that.

*You don’t have to be single. The opportunity was there – we took it.

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Now, go forth and follow! Hoorah for the hooha!

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