This is a blog post about boobs.

It’s one of our favourite months of the year; and not just because of a certain festival dedicated to beer and pretzels or that day where we have an excuse to marathon horror movies. October is all about breast cancer awareness – and if there’s one thing you need to know about the girls at You&Me Design, it’s that we looooove boobies.

So, in honour of our favourite appendages, we’ve rounded up a selection of our top five breast cancer awareness campaigns of all time. From funny to profound, these great pieces of work succeed in their goal by drawing attention to their cause in a fresh, break-through-the-clutter kind of way. (And also they have lots of pictures of boobs.)

1. The Your Man Reminder app

Who WOULDN’T want a hot guy telling you to feel yourself up? The Your Man Reminder app lets you choose between six heartthrobs who’ll send you automated reminders to do self-examinations. Now that’s the kind of nagging we can totally get into.


2. The #itouchmyselfproject

It’s an epic song, sung by a powerful woman – but when Chrissy Amphlett of the Divinyls developed breast cancer, the classic “I Touch Myself” anthem took on new meaning. In tribute to her life and legacy, the #itouchmyselfproject makes brilliant use of pop culture to send its message, and the video rendition of the song is gorgeous to watch.


3. The Man with the Best Job in the World

Lars Larson (the adorable Chris O’Dowd) has the best job in the world – Health and Safety Officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships. The CoppaFeel! campaign that centres around his day-to-day life is irreverently funny, yet draws attention to an aspect of breast cancer that few people are aware of: men can get it too. (Shock! Horror! GET CHECKED, GUYS!)


4. The NHS fully-naked breast commercial Nothing wrong with a lil’ nip, right? This beautiful, simple ad was the first in the UK to feature fully naked breasts. It stars actress Elaine C. Smith, who lost her mother to breast cancer, and the breasts that are displayed are an accurate portrayal of some of the early warning signs of the disease. Sometimes a simple message paired with powerful visuals is all that’s needed to make an impact.


5. The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign

Once again, the UK leads the way when it comes to bold, unrestrained messaging. The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign features a series of outdoor billboards that show how real women describe their very real breasts. The images are completely desexualized and take a proud leap forward for awareness advertising; and we love the focus on encouraging women to tweet their personal “boob word.”


So there you have it, boys and girls. Here’s to a month-long celebration of healthy, happy boobies – and all the great advertising that reminds us to keep ‘em that way.

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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