Our Spare Time

Hello All!

We hope you didn’t spend the last weekend the way we did, nursing a crazy new specimen of “winter cold”. Lucky for us though, we finished all our work the week before and earned ourself a sweet hobby doing and cold nursing weekend.

So we’re sharing with you, our hobbies. 🙂

Jen makes these rad little and sometimes huge (over achiever) plush dolls that are soon going to be in store at Ke Ai stores in Greenside and on Juta street in Town along with my illustrations.

And I, Meg, do illustrations that are all once-offs – so no-one will ever have the same one as you do 🙂

We both do custom jobs too – so if there is something rad that you would like made into a plush doll, or an interesting illustration, give us a call and we’ll hook you up!

<3 You&Me

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