Kitty & Puppy Haven Easter Posters


Here’s to the end of an amazing Easter weekend!!
When we started our company we decided, as a team, that every month or so we’d go out and do our little bit. This month being pro bono work for Kitty and Puppy Haven. And incredibly we contacted them at the PERFECT time. They’d been offered an amazing opportunity by Geldhof to advertise in the centre court of Sandton mall, Eastgate mall, Cresta shopping centre and Fourways mall for three weeks over the Easter weekend.
So here’s where we got to work and started taking copious amounts of kitty and puppy photos (No complaining here about “having” to trek off to Kitty and Puppy haven to take these photies). After a few hours deciding on the perfect photo for each design we got to work on the designing of these A1 posters.  We really had a lot of fun working on this project particularly because of what it meant to the two of us. It always makes you feel good giving back, even if its just the designing of a poster or two.
We’d also like to thank the people that made this project so much more worth it. PostNet Panorama ( for giving a more than generous discount to Kitty and Puppy Haven for the printing of all the posters. And Jenny Coulson for working on the copy that really made these posters what they are, even though she had her own all nighters to pull for college.
We hope everyone had the best Easter weekend. We definitely did.


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