Another Website for the Books

Once again, our friend Bianca (who has unfortunately decided to return to an agency), worked her magic in helping us create this site. We could not have asked for anyone better, especially when it comes to being so patient in receiving our numerous nitty gritty edits (Client, Jen and I are sticklers for detail). This is one that Jen and myself are particularly proud of.

Hotshotz Bachelorette have created a variety of services to make your bachelorette party all the more exciting and memorable. With a choice of Bare Bum Butlers, Topless Butlers and Formal Butlers who could refuse? Hotshotz selects only the best of the best to generally liven up your party – with drinks, food and all around sexiness, these boys know how to help host and start a party! 

This site allows for you to learn more about what Hotshotz is all about, what they can offer you and even presents the opportunity to book the boys for your event online. (Let’s be honest with one another here, with the risk of sounding like a minor pervert, the drool material is more than sufficient!) 

The site also allows for you, if you think you may have what it takes, to apply and possibly become a Hotshot. 


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