A Difficult Month Should only End in Candy

Hi All

Wow, this month has been one for the books! Whether it be due to it being absolutely terrifying and difficult to keep up with or breathtakingly wonderful. 

This month has proven strenuous for You&Me both personally and in business. I like to think that there are always two ways of coming out of moments like these, with that said I’m pleased to say that I am proud of both Jen and myself for the way that we have dealt with everything. Now we can be glad that we can add a whole squad of qualifications to our CV – Mind reader, psychologist, miracle worker and even firefighter. (We’ll leave it up to you to figure those out. Excuse the “hint” of sarcasm.)

So, now that you know part of the reason that we’ve neglected to keep everyone updated, here’s a long awaited blogpost! 

These are a few Candy Card designs we did for one of our cherished clients, Shocking Pink – http://shockingpink.co.za/ . A real fun loving and spontaneous company that are always coming up with new and exciting ideas (That Jen and I are lucky enough to be called in on to help with.) They are a company that strive to keep their customers enticed and on their toes, and we are always thrilled to be a part of that process.

These Candy Cards are just one of the ideas that Shocking Pink has come to us with. And shown above are a fraction of the designs we did for Celebration, Get Well Soon and Thank You there were also designs for Birthday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Love.

I’m excited for harder months to come along. Let’s prove to ourselves that we’re actually worth something.

We’ll leave you with a note for the day, said by a special friend:
“Happy Tuesday Everyone! Don’t get hit by a bus!”


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