A Day In The Life Of An Intern

We asked our most favourite intern, Jo to give you a peek into her life as a You&Me intern. The following serves as an educational piece to divulge the ins and outs of agency life (or make you insanely jealous of the You&Me life) – do with it what you will. 

6:30am: I’m woken up to the two best sounds in the world: an iPhone alarm and my neighbour’s two new farm chickens. After a few minutes (ok fine half an hour) of putting off getting out of bed, I finally muster up the strength to get up and have a shower.

7:30am: Showered and ready to tackle the world, I throw on some clothes and give my dogs a big hug good morning. They follow me downstairs and sit with me while I make some tea. My twin sister and I mess around the kitchen and have a chat and a ciggie in the courtyard.


8:30am: While living with the parents isn’t ideal, it certainly has its perks (especially if you have parents like mine). My mom cooks us breakfast every morning, and makes sure I don’t leave anything important behind (which happens far more than I’m proud of), while my dad makes jokes about her cooking.


Those two make me smile. As I pack my lunch for the day I realise that every morning I have a spectator; she sits next to me and waits impatiently for me to accidentally drop a piece of food onto the floor. A princess but a scavenger at heart.


Like clockwork, I have this ritual every morning that starts off with me losing something, after which I’m running around like the Tazmanian Devil searching for it leaving a trail of mess and chaos in my path. Sorry mom!

9:00am: Roll in to work excited about the day ahead. After almost dying EVERY TIME on that flight of stairs to the office, I breathlessly greet my co-worker, Lorian (who rocks by the way) and I get my day started by plugging in the earphones and listening to some Crosby, Stills & Nash/Led Zeppelin/Fleetwood Mac (depending on what mood I’m in). I say hi to the rest of the team (who also rock by the way) as they enter the office and then start with my work.

2:00pm: My face is inches away from my laptop screen and I suddenly get distracted by my stomach growling with hunger. It’s lunchtime!!!! Not that that’s something to be very excited about; my lunches usually consist of rabbit food and some mixed nuts. Mmmm. If we’re good sometimes we get treats in the office, ranging from cake to Portuguese biscuits to tequila shots. Today we got ice-cream.

ice cream-01

4:59pm: At this time of day my brain is usually looking a little something like this: HOMETIMEHOMETIMEHOMETIMEHOMETIMEHOMETIMEHOMETIME.

It’s home time.

5:10pm: I’m stuck in a bit of traffic so I decide to blare some music out my car, just to make everybody else’s time in traffic a bit more exciting. Now I can’t explain this next sentence, but almost every time I sit in traffic something catches my eye, whether it’s the leaves on a nearby tree shaking in the wind or birds flying and resting on a telephone poll or dogs being walked by their owners; I notice the beauty of the country we live in.


5:30PM: I arrive home to the screeching welcome of my little dog Lucy who’s standing at the front door waiting for me. I unlock the door and she starts pirouetting like a ballerina all over the place, jumping in circles on her hind legs. A few seconds later my golden retriever Archie hears the commotion and almost bulldozes me over to get out the door behind me. Cheers, Arch! It’s nice to see you too!


I say hey to my mom and go straight to the courtyard (this is where I always find my twin sister; cigarette in hand, earphones in and foot frantically tapping like she’s about to bust a move.) My older sister’s dog Stevie (after Stevie Nicks of course) is sitting in a pot plant. Don’t ask.


I walk to my sister and she plays me the latest songs she’s downloaded for her upcoming sets, and we have a little dance. We then chat about nothing and everything over some wine for her and a glass of sherry for me (I’m a bit of an old soul).

6:30pm: MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those exclamation marks are not an exaggeration; my family is literally this excited to watch this show (because it’s the best, duh). We all sit around the tv and watch together, laughing and loving each others’ company.

9:00pm: After a delicious masterchef-quality dinner made by my mom, my twin sister and I have one more glass of wine & sherry and a cigarette and head up to bed. We say our goodnights and after reading a great book (The Man who Sold the World – David Bowie Biography), I get a goodnight message from my boyfriend and
I slowly drift off to sleep as a truly happy soul.


Written by Jo – Graphic Design Intern

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