15 Instagram accounts that give procrastination new meaning.

Ok, we’ll admit it. We have a problem. Our love of beautiful things has taken over – we just can’t get enough of Instagram. Some call it a time-waster, but we prefer to think of our endless, involuntary scrolling as “research” or “brain yoga.” Whatever side you’re on, we’ve rounded up our top 15 sources of insta-inspo so that we can drag you down with us.

Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing in on a couple of these favourites in individual posts. Yay!


We love brands with a simple vision, and @white_onrice has got to have one of the coolest: “an origami inspired lifestyle.” Ross Symons, the paper-shaping genius behind the lens, posts a new origami pic every day and your life will be better if you see them all.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 52 41 PM


How can you NOT follow the brand that turns digital dreams into reality? @Nifty250_ prints and packages your Instagram photos and still finds time to share some gorgeous shots of their own. We seriously dig what they’re doing.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 53 28 PM


We just can’t say no to pretty packaging, and @elephantshoelove’s feed has a lot of that going on. Plus some really fluffy cats. Plus photos of beautiful products that will make your credit card itch. Plus cats.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 54 28 PM


If you have no self-control, don’t follow @the_counter. The sweet deliciousness of their rocky road fudge pics (and absolutely everything else they magically create) will awaken something deep inside you. Get ready to spend the rest of your life drooling onto your screen.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 55 05 PM


If you like pictures of naked fruit or drawings of Clive the Mysterious Broccoli, you need to marry someone at @innocentsmoothies. (Or just follow their Insta account). Please note: if you don’t weep with laughter as you scroll then we can’t be friends.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 55 54 PM


Dubbed Africa’s social business authority, @cerebra is a brand worth watching – especially on Instagram. The team posts insightful peeks into the social media campaigns they run, and after a week you’ll feel like you know every employee personally.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 56 51 PM


Basically we’re super jealous of this account. Every picture is perfectly composed and all we want to do is go on the street adventures that @justageekdoing seems to have on a daily basis. If our own account wasn’t already too awesome, we would demand Instagram lessons from this guy.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 58 10 PM


Short films, epic pictures and globetrotting on a grand scale: @caseyneistat is our very favourite picture-snappin’ explorer. His Instagrams are sometimes funny, always raw and have the right amount of personal background to make us feel like he’s just a really cool cousin.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 58 46 PM


Every time we open up this guy’s feed we die a little death of typographic happiness. A specialised lettering and graphic artist based in Hawaii (what!), the pictures of his sketches are truly inspirational.

Photo 2014-08-13, 4 59 32 PM


Go ahead and delete every selfie you’ve ever taken because not ONE will be as cool as this girl’s. @Mirrorsme doodles amazing things on mirrors and takes pictures with her creations, effectively inventing the best job in the world.

Photo 2014-08-13, 5 00 03 PM


Now here’s an Instagram account with a cause: @Instagranniepants has taken a stand against the objectification of women by sharing the crude comments she receives on dating sites in a totally unconventional (i.e. naked illustration of the guy) kind of way. Epic.

Photo 2014-08-13, 5 00 45 PM


@seth_globepainter is on a mission to fill the world with colourful street art, one city at a time. Every piece (usually enormous) is inspired by local surroundings and his style is pretty flipping sweet.

Photo 2014-08-13, 5 01 14 PM


We’ve always felt a little sorry for boys… they’ve just never had as many fashion options as us. Thankfully, @Nicsocks is changing that – one sock at a time. Follow this account for pictures of the happiest toe-snugglers in the universe.

Photo 2014-08-13, 5 02 18 PM


If you haven’t seen Murad Osmann’s #followmeto photographic series yet, you’re in for a treat. The Instagram project tracks him being led around the world by his girlfriend and we seriously wish someone would do that to us.

Photo 2014-08-13, 5 02 57 PM

@satiregram We couldn’t have chosen a better account to end off this post. Introducing @satiregram: the account that shames the very platform it uses with painfully true descriptions of the photos people post on Instagram. Yes, we’re guilty of a few (but so are you). Photo 2014-08-13, 5 03 30 PM

Happy procrastinating, friends!

(Written with love by You&Me’s awesome copywriter: Jenny Coulson)

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