OCD Cocktail Tasting

OCD is a very new and exciting venue, that specialise in stunning food and astonishing cocktails. We were recently approached by them to do the label designs for an event that we thought was a great idea!

They approached a number of twitter influentials – some being Nicki Dadic, Joanne Lurie, Thulane, David Dadic, Mike Sharman, and 6 others – and custom designed a cocktail for each twitter influential, judged by their likes, interests and tweets.

Here are our label designs:

Here are some of the photos taken of the event and cocktails:


Le Petit Hibou – Cocktail Event Leave Behind
(Photo by: Nicki Dadic)
Kiwi, Mint and Pink Peppercorn Cocktail
(Photo by: Nicki Dadic)
Who’s Your Dadic – Cocktail Event Leave Behind
(Photo by: David Dadic)
01000111 01110101 01110010 01110101 – Cocktail Leave Behind
(Photo by: Melissa Attree)
The Naked Mexican – Cocktail Leave Behind
(Photo by: Mike Sharman)
(Photo by: Nicki Dadic)




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