Let’s Teach





Hi All,
Jen and I had the pleasure this past week of being granted the opportunity to present to 50+ 13 year old kids. These kids, from Crawford Fourways, have been given the task of designing their school’s end of year magazine front and back cover. How cool is that? I know of a number of creative peeps who would have relished the opportunity to do that. I definitely would have!
So, we were asked to come in and give these kids a short lesson on the five ‘need to know rules’ of design. Now, you all need to understand that both Jen and my parents are teachers, so we’ve tried our whole lives to escape from all teaching of any kind! I think we were both taken aback at how much fun it all was.  These young people are the most inquisitive bunch – asking all of the right questions, making all of the right observations and just generally exploring their world with curiosity and enthusiasm.
The best part about this all is that Jen and I get to judge everyone’s designs and choose the best one. I don’t know how we’re going to do that, especially when we know all of these kids have tried so hard. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. So excited!

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