It’s The Simple Things

I thought I’d finally found a moment to elaborate a bit more on one of the projects that I’ve had the most fun working on to date – and then I realised (after sitting in front of my computer for half an hour with a single sentence to show for it) that I actually didn’t need that much time, because it’s pretty simple really:

  • Webfluential approached us to illustrate visuals for an animation outlining their offerings to marketers.
  • I had fun illustrating marketing and influencer characters.
  • The Marketers:

Marketers-01 Marketers-02 Marketers-03

  • The Influencers:

Influencers-01 Influencers-02 Influencers-03

  • 10th Street Media took our storyboard and artwork and made the magic happen.
  • The result:

  • Webfluential are rad.
  • I love my job.

That’s that! Written by Meg Elliott – Co-Owner

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