Happy Monday



We have a few exciting projects that we’d like to share with you all but none JUST ready to blog about.
But You&Me are not the type to leave one hanging…
So, here’s to a happy happy Monday (we hope.) As Mondays go, they are definitely no friend of mine nor Jens. As a result we thought we’d share this special something to get your creative juices flowing, and hopefully start your week off with a good “I just want to make something pretty” feeling in your belly.
Marta Penter is a painter originally hailing from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Penter uses watercolor and oil paints to create her detailed works of art in her new series where she sheds “new light to man and his world, rescuing the feeling of intimacy which has been lost in a globalized and immediate world.”” – (emptykingdom.com)

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