Well hello there February! So amped that January has been given the boot, and we only have to force ourselves through it again in another year. Good riddance.

On a lighter note, here is some work that we did at the end of last year for Croft&Co in Parkview. An awesome little coffee shop in the process of a transformation, that Jen and I are going to be involved in over the next few months. We really couldn’t be more excited to help build this quirky brand and work with these more than fun people! Below you’ll see the start of a great relationship, just four illustrations, that helped open the door to more exciting things to come.
We were recently there for our monthly meeting/ business meeting/ coffee break/ catch up and decided to include you on a part (only the start) of our adventure with Croft&Co.


I probably should have included pictures of what we ate there, but as soon as it hit the table I was on that like white on rice.

Drop by for one of the best cappuccinos you’ll ever have and some good eats! You’ll be going there every day after that. 66 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview.


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