This is meant to be a blog post about the update of our branding – I tried, but I couldn’t write about concepts, processes, fonts, colours and copywriting. OK, I lied, I didn’t really try all that hard.

In all honesty, at the risk of sounding like one of those holier-than-thou designers who has a conceptual explanation deeper than their choice of purple for that next “chic” design (vomit), this rebrand was more than a rebrand. It wasn’t all #000000 and #FFFFFF.

2016 (all two months of it) really hasn’t been messing around. She definitely hit everyone in the office with her A-game, and I don’t know about you but the bitch caught us all off guard. If the saying “when it rains, it pours” were ever more prevalent in the negative sense, I’d feel sorry for the poor bugger who managed to pull through whatever he was going through then. That guy deserves a bloody medal if he came close to the many times each one of us has very nearly lost heart.

As these things happen, you always plan to “do something for yourself” right around the time the proverbial shit decides to hit the fan – which generally means you give up on that small thing for yourself you’ve been planning on getting to for a year or five because “there are other things to concentrate on right now. This was unequivocally one of those times.

The only difference this time being the biggest – we all managed to get our shit together and show up, whether it be for ourselves or because someone else needed us to. This rebrand only happened due to that and (wait for it, here comes the deep conceptual shit) the process that went in to its creation ended up building a much bigger brand than what we put down on paper.

You’ve gotta show up, because that’s probably far more important than the physical thing you’re doing. Like a rebrand.

A rebrand, when executed from a concept and put together with the right processes, fonts, colours and copywriting ended up looking shit hot. Just saying.



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*Drop the proverbial mic.