This year, although we’ve just passed the halfway mark, has been the biggest adventure. I’ve made some massive changes in my life, which have fundamentally changed the way in which I do and think about everything. Yes, “everything” is a hugely bold word to use – but it’s the only one that works.

As an illustrator I’ve struggled for a long time with finding my style, my voice, that powerful thing I have to say that will get other peoples hearts moving. I look at other artists work with a cumbersome eye, trying to find out just how they do what they do.

I know that I’m not quite there yet, by any means. But, I’m willing to investigate every nook and cranny of myself and say “this is what I am and what I care about, no apologies.” It’s all a part of growing up.

With all of the above in mind recognising that the hardest part is not realising where I want to be but rather getting there. Starting from scratch, being better than I was yesterday, trying new things, enjoying it and never forgetting the buzz that it gives me.

That all starts with an attempt at trying something completely new.

Have a look.

Living The Dream_Final-01

Written by Megan Elliot – Co-Owner